Save $3000 per hectare!

Display successful quad kerf grafting.

6 months after grafting – super healthy callusing.

We believe that sustainability is critical for us all. This is why upskilling through the sharing of successful industry knowledge is important to us and collaborating innovative practices with like minded people is what we enjoy doing. 

With 36 years of grafting experience we now see the need to challenge the way we operate today.

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Giving Back

Sharing experience

With the confidence and passion we have in grafting we can offer you total assurance through our tried and proven method.

We believe it is now time to share our secrets  and skill sets so that you also achieve high success rates in grafting.

Success is a decision.


Working With You

Support & innovation

Global Grafting has evolved grafting through introducing the system of kerf grafting to kiwifruit and the Groover attachment plus more.

Continuous R&D and innovation is how we can now support you in achieving your desired results. 

Consistently achieving the best results in grafting is no accident.


Graft it Yourself is a new program we have launched for the 2021 grafting season. 

This unique opportunity will help you to save $3000 per ha in grafting cost plus allow you to graft on time in the optimal grafting window. It also will upskill you and your team and become an investment for future grafting seasons. 

We are available to support you on a daily basis free of charge and provide you with step by step instructional processes.

Product support is provided through the supply of pre-cut scions, the GG Groover and other products. See our product support here.

Download our introduction packages below on stumps and/or seedlings for more information. 

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