Kiwi LeaderProtectors™

Want to protect your leaders from infection? These Kiwi LeaderProtectors™ will eliminate entry points!

They are a very cost effective solution to setting up your leaders for success from the start. They are designed to protect and structure new leaders being laid down.

Supplied by FARMLANDS.

Worker applying LeaderProtectors™


  • reduce PSA entry points
  • structure and secure new leaders
  • allows space for clipping and tying to the leader wire
  • long lasting product – until leaders no longer require support
  • cost effective solution
  • fast and simple to apply
  • have perfect uniform leaders across your block


Length: 35 mm

Overall Height: 18.5 mm

Leader height off wire: 5.5 mm

Fit onto wire of 2 – 3.5 mm thick.

Made from a flexible material that is soft and pliable to protect your vine tissue. 

Recommendation: 2 – 3 units per vine

Abstract photo of LeaderProtectors™


The application of LeaderProtectors™ to your vines is very fast and easy. 

These can be applied with insulation tape (a preferred option) or anchor bands as shown above. 

Avoid Leader Damage

To ensure that your Kiwifruit leaders are getting the best chance of growth, it is vital to avoid damage where possible. Below you can see typical wire damage that will be avoided with these Kiwi LeaderProtectors™. 

Also shown is an example of common practice using foam tubing. This is often found to move around and defeat the purpose of application. 

Keep your orchard clean and tidy!

Call us today to discuss how this product can protect your new investment by radically reducing infection entry points on your new leaders!

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