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Based on more than 36 years proven experience in the orchard, we believe there’s always an easier and more productive way to solve everyday challenges.

Now more than ever, growers are trying to do more with less – there’s pressure from all angles – environmental, competition, land and licensing prices, unskilled labour to name the biggies.

To make growing easier, faster and more economical, Global Grafting offers a range of top quality innovative and affordable tool and consumables which will ultimately help you grow better.

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The preferred option

After years of innovation to pneumatic scion cutting machinery, we can now offer you precise pre-cut scions to fit perfectly to your plants.

The ultimate​

Designed with safety in mind, The Groover offers the best cut on the market for Kerf Grafting.

Grafting | Budding Tape

The solution you have been longing for! Eco-Friendly
This tape is a premium product for grafting and budding. It’s slightly opaque in colour with the ability to bind the union tightly together without breaking. No removal of film required. 

Cost effective solution

NEW formula Graft Wrap!
This graft wrap is a very strong and has 2x stretch. Great cost effective option for Top Working stumps and also working with larger seedlings. 

Guaranteed protection

When you want that extra piece of mind, these Kiwi LeaderProtectors™ are the answer. They are made from a flexible and durable PVC that will mold to your leaders eliminating wire damage and protecting areas that are a common entry point for PSA. 

Popular choice

The preferred tying solution that has minimal environmental impact.

With this product already pre-cut ready for your team, you save time and money.

Bundles of 120 pieces tied together in a box. No plastic packaging. No rubbish. Fast and easy!

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