Bio Seedling Tape

Global Grafting have searched the around global in search of the best biodegradable grafting tape and we now have the best bio tape on the market. 

We have innovated the formula of this bio tape further to work better with the New Zealand environment so that it holds it’s strength long enough before breaking down. 


  • no need to remove the tape – huge labour savings!
  • naturally breaks down in sunlight
  • more stretch and strength – does not break when applying
  • up to 8 x stretch
  • environmentally friendly product


Length: 50m (up to 8x stretch)

Width: 32mm

Minimum order: 1 box (4 rolls)


How to apply

To get the maximum benefit from your bio tape, applying it in the correct way is vital. Here are some easy and fast steps to follow. 


  1. start wrapping graft from the bottom ensuring you are covering 1 cm below the graft
  2. work your way up the graft applying approx 3 layers of film, once you have reached the top of the graft wrap approx 3 times to add support for the wound to callus 
    *ensure when wrapping that you are stretching the tape a little to get a firm wrap on your graft
  3. finish off the wrap with a half-hitch near to the middle of the graft (view the images in the gallery above)

Ensure you apply an adequate amount of tape, this will give the graft union added support – the more wraps you do the longer the tape will take to break down.

Where to use Bio Seedling Tape

We advise strictly to only use this tape on 1 year old seedlings. Regarding 2 year old seedlings, these typically have a larger area to callus up therefore the tape we recommend is the 30mm Graft Wrap as this will give you the assurance for holding the union tight for a longer period of time.

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