Graft Wrap

After decades of contract grafting we now have the perfect solution for wrapping your stumps and larger seedling grafts. 

R&D into this product has seen us use nearly 10 different tapes and wraps in the field to get the perfect solution that is most cost effective and efficient. 

It is vital to keep unwanted moisture out of the graft as well as being able to release the unwanted moisture from within the stump. This graft wrap is the perfect solution.

We are offering a new and improved wrap formula this season. 


  • very cost effective option
  • 2 times stretch and strength
  • no tying off – sufficient stick on wrap
  • resistant to rough bark cutting it
  • green color looks tidy in your orchard


Two size options:

  • 70mm W x 250m L – Stumps
  • 30mm W x 125m L – Seedlings

70mm min order: 6 rolls
30mm min order: 6 rolls

Color: green

Avoid Moisture Damage

It is vital that your grafts are protected from moisture damage to advocate for optimal conditions for the callusing to take place. This means keeping out the rain and irrigation water while at the same time letting the excess sap flow out without drying out your graft. 

This wrap makes that process easy with its extra stick formula holding the tape in place ensuring it will not come off in the elements. The extra stretch allowance makes the application of the wrap seamless and easy – your wrap must be positioned perfectly. 

Keep your orchard clean and tidy with Global Grafting wrap this season!

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