The Groover – New Model 

The Groover is another one of GG’s innovative inventions to help make the process of grooving stump safer and easier. Years of research and development have been put into this tool and 2021 brings a new model launch.

This tool has been successfully used in the industry now for nearly 10 years and has proved to be an invaluable investment for our clients. 


  • safest tool for grooving on the market
  • built and designed for reliability 
  • unparalleled for speed and precision
  • zero oil – V belt driven blade
  • tungsten teeth ensure a very precise cut every time
  • sealed bearings- no grease required
  • easy and practical for cleaning


Attachment: universal fit to all saws

Blade Diameter: 125mm

Blade Width Options: 4mm or 6mm

Number of Teeth: 12


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