Pre-cut PVC Tying Tube

Save time, save costs and work with less rubbish! 

Our all new Pre-cut PVC Tying Tube is a top quality Italian product. It is manufactured for the most premium grade pvc – this means it is free from heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead and chromium. This product is also free of phthalates. 

The premium grade PVC allows super elasticity qualities which eliminates the chance of girdling and helps to hold its strength in the UV rays.

Having your tying tube already cut to length means a decent labour saving and less waste.


  • pre-cut to length – labour saving
  • 100% recyclable
  • ZERO plastic packaging
  • no heavy metals
  • super elasticity quality – eliminating girdling
  • UV ray stabilized


Length: 300 or 400mm

Diameter: 5mm

1 box = 42 bundles of 120 ties (5040 ties)


Call us today to discuss how this product can protect your new investment by radically reducing Canker entry points on your young fruit trees!

You can request our price list by entering your email below. 

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