A family business

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Family team, Cedric, Regan and Yolanda head up Global Grafting, based in the heart of the horticulture paradise – Tasman, New Zealand.

R&D & Sales

Cedric French

Born in Motueka, Cedric is a third generation master grafter with more than 37 years experience in orcharding.

Cedric is well-known for his pragmatic, resourceful and inventive approach, pushing the boundaries to develop more effective and efficient processes on the orchard. He has always worked closely with growers to empower them to ‘grow better’.

When Cedric finds the occasional moment of free time he loves landscaping, gardening and the occasional tramp.

Project Management

Regan French

Hard-work, drive and an entrepreneurial spirit have been driven into Regan from a young age.

As a qualified project manager, Regan brings a high level of organisation and planning expertise to the business. Alongside this, he has more than 7 years proven orchard experience.

Rugby, golf and tramping provide a welcome respite from business life. Regan is also developing his passion for photography, the results of which you’ll find throughout our social media!

Operations & Customer Service

Yolanda French

Yolanda’s strong organisational skills make her an invaluable part of our team, and her keen passion for delivering excellent customer service works well for our clients.

As well as her outward focus, Yolly also manages the internal functions of the business – purchasing, logistics, general admin and sales processing.

Keeping a ‘tidy ship’ greatly contributes towards ensuring our projects happen on time, on spec and on budget.

Yolly is always busy, and when she’s not in work mode she likes to surf and play golf.

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